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We're a small team that can grow as required

A small team of talented professionals

Founded in 2000, Intrinsic Ninja is a digital agency borne of the idea that your product should delight your customers. It should be easy to find and access around the world.

Our work is always user-centred, coupled with designs that create clear value paths.

We used to be named Intrinsic Digital. Things change, and everybody loves a Ninja.

When people use your product or service, they should feel an emotional connection that keeps them returning. When your customers use your product, they should feel as if it was designed with them uniquely in mind. It should be easy to use in every sense of the word.

When you work with ID, you work with a small team. If the projects warrants, we’ll bring in the most talented people we know.

Our core skills centre on visual design. Carefully considered design brings with it the feeling of familiarity and comfort. In a digital service, that means the user experience must be delightful. Equally, the design should be pleasing to the eye.

We want to share our experience with you to build great products.


What we do

Intrinsic Ninja is a digital agency offering Visual design, Motion Graphics, Audio mixing and mastering, and Website design services.

We help you showcase your products on all digital media.

It's all about the experience

Visual design

Good design engenders trust that will delight your customers.

Motion graphics

Stories help people remember it and tell others.

Music production

We specialise in music audio mixing and mastering.

Website design

Your website is your 24/7 customer service.

Your imagination is your limit

How we work


Tell us about your ideas and vision.


We’ll design and build it together with you.


We bring your ideas to life.

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Visual Design
Motion Graphics
Audio mixing and mastering
Web design and development